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Jet Seat | Airplane Travel Seat Cushion with Pressure Relief | Doctor Recommended | Back Support | Long Flights and Road Trips

Jet Seat | Airplane Travel Seat Cushion with Pressure Relief | Doctor Recommended | Back Support | Long Flights and Road Trips

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        Jet Seat on Amazon travel cushion helps back pain good for long plane ride international flight travel cushion
Inflating foam allows you to sink into any seat and eliminate pressure points. The Jet Seat conforms to the natural shape of your body. With two separate valves you can separately customize the thickness of the cushion. Our portable seat cushion rolls up to 60% smaller to fit into included carry bag for easy transportation and packing. Perfect for preventing jet lag and aches during long flights or discomfort on road trips.
  • Fits most seats
  • Doctor recommended
  • Reduce back pain and blood clots, increase circulation
  • Travel in comfort on planes and in trucks and cars
  • Removeable pocket
  • Packable
  • Patent-pending

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Customer Reviews

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Super T
Long ride suspension

This is a combination seat cushion and back cushion with separate air valves for cushioning/suspending your body away from the hard airline seat and seat back. After some trial and error finding the right level of cushion inflation for my 6 foot tall torso and bony butt, the airline seat comfort is improved. I was particularly surprised at the noticeable support provided to my thighs in the seat (usually not in contact with the seat). I was more focused on how it felt in the butt and back , but my legs were less fatigued than normal thanks to thigh support. I'm guessing thousands of butts have spent thousands of hours in the airline seat, compressing the foam (particularly in the seat cushion). The relief I felt in the thighs and butt was noticeable during the flight. The back cushion did not provide the same kind of immediately noticeable increase in comfort during the flight. However, after the flight, my back and neck were not as stiff as normal, which equates to an improvement that I appreciate. So, does it turn your plane seat into the most comfortable sitting experience I've ever encounter? No, it does not, but it does provide significantly better, noticeable support and suspended offloading at the thigh and butt. It also reduces the normal post-flight spinal stiffness that I experience in any flight over an hour. I'm calling it a win.