About Us

Our Mission:

To find and solve simple consumer challenges with affordable, high-quality products.

​GenTap and GoCJ strive to help consumers with solutions that simplify life. We look to bring these products to online retailers so that they can also have repeat customers and profitability. 


We've been creating best sellers since 2014:

Cooler Shock® - #1 Selling Ice Pack Online

Siphon Pro® - #1 Selling Handheld Siphon Online​

GasTapper® - #1 Selling Fuel Transfer Pump Online


Our Staff:

 Chris Aliberti Miriam Patterson Joel Patana Daniela Toloza Julianna Kehl
E-Commerce CEO Warehouse Manager Customer Support and Order Manager Marketing and Account Manager
Experience: 35 years Experience: 11 years Experience: 10 years

Experience: 7 years

Experience: 6 years