Headwind - Why We Do What We Do

Headwind - Why We Do What We Do

Why We Do What We Do

Welcome to HeadWind. We are intense motorcycle enthusiasts. We own and consistently ride 11 motorcycles. Our primary riding area is the state of Arizona. We have great roads and we can ride almost every day. We've clocked at least 100,000 miles over the past two years both in Arizona and on cross-country trips.

Our biggest complaint whether we are riding a sport bike, a cruiser or a touring bike is the noise. Noise from wind, buffeting, or exhaust all adds up to detract from the ride. It is not only annoying, but it truly does damage your hearing over time. Additionally, the combination of noise and air pressure changes will often give you a headache on long rides.

Add to that the fact that many riders enjoy music when riding. We often turn up some type of helmet audio system or external bike-mounted speakers to a high volume so it can be heard over the noise. Doing this is bad for your hearing as well.

Over the past two years, we became determined to find solutions that would improve our ride by taking on the noise. As we studied the problem and tested it day in and day out, we couldn’t help but notice some easy fixes that motorcycle companies just seemed to ignore.

Product solutions 

We’ve developed a number of simple items that can work independently or in combination to improve your ride. Whether you use them independently or together depends on your motorcycle. As detailed in the Long Story, windshields, fairings, helmets and speed all change the problem you are solving. 

HeadWind Fleece Helmet Cover - Order now!

Headwind fleece helmet cover

Use this with full face or modular helmets. It will reduce your helmet noise by 80% and keep you dramatically warmer in cold weather. You can pull this cover on while wearing your helmet and you can raise or lower the neck skirt. You can open your face shield but you cannot open you modular helmet while this is in place. You can take most helmets on and off with the cover in place. 

HeadWind Neoprene Helmet Cover - Order now!

Neoprene helmet cover

This is a neoprene (dive suit material) helmet cover without a neck skirt. You can pull this cover on while wearing your helmet and you can raise or lower your face shield. You cannot open your modular helmet while this is in place. You can take your helmet on or off while this cover is in place. 

It is designed to absorb wind buffeting sounds to reduce what you perceive in your ear. This improves long rides that become tiresome due to wind buffeting from the dirty air that comes off your bike or windshield. It also is an excellent helmet protector in case you drop your helmet. 

HeadWind Headband Earbud Holder - Coming soon, pre-order yours now! 

Add noise cancelation and concert quality music to your ride

headband set of 3

One of the best technologies to come along in a long time are noise reducing/canceling ear buds. This will change a noisy naked bike into a long distance touring machine. The earbud technology today can cancel noise while allowing you to still be aware. Additionally, you can listen to top quality music with great base while riding your bike. The problem until now is how to put the buds in place and secure them so they don’t get dislodged while putting your helmet on or taking it off. This product is designed to hold the buds in place and create a secure muted space for them to do their job. We have used these with all headphone brands and the difference (especially with the high end brands) is stunning. Use your earbuds and your phone on your bike and add a Bluetooth remote controller for the ultimate experience. Our favorite brands are the Bose Quiet Comfort II and the Chubby Buttons remote control.

HeadWind Neck Ring – Coming soon, preorder now! 

Designed for summer cooling and winter warmth using water absorbing gel 

This is a all season breathable and soft ring that fits around your neck therefore sealing out cold air, buffeting wind and noise that comes up and under your helmet. More than 60% of what you hear and feel is coming from the bottom of your helmet. This neck ring provides a streamlined seal connecting your jacket to your helmet. It is designed with a chopped foam inside that can be molded by hand to be taller or shorter depending on your requirements.  

This ring will keep you warm in the winter by sealing out cold breezes. It also has a patent pending summer feature where you can add 20oz of water to the ring and it will remain wet long-term due to the water absorbing gel within. The ring will act as and evaporative cooler since the foam inside is designed to have light airflow through the thousands of pieces of chopped foam. This will create a cooling effect in dryer climates. We’ve used this ring in Phoenix, Arizona on 90 to 105 degree days and it makes riding possible again. The ring cools the main arteries that run to your entire body from your neck! 

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