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The extra soft Headwind Ringer stops the wind and buffeting that enters the helmet from your chest area and off the windshield and faring of the motorcycle. The Ringer seals the air gap between your shoulders and your helmet keeping you warm in winter.

On the other hand, the Ringer will keep you cool in summer. The Ringer keeps you cool when you add water and cooling crystals to the foam inside. The three work together to create an evaporative cooling effect that lasts for hours right where it’s needed most (your neck!) therefore cooling your entire body.

Note: this is less effective in high humidity areas. 

The Ringer is fully adjustable due to the formable foam inside. Simply manipulate the foam with your hands to the perfect desired fit. It will also help to reduce neck injuries due to reduced extreme head movement.

  • Patent pending neck ring great for use with motorcycles, ATV's, UTV's, bicycles and more. Helps prevent neck injuries.
  • Specially engineered interlocking foam filling makes an adjustable and custom fit perfect for any use, increase or decrease the height by 30% depending on your preference.
  • Includes tube of polymer cooling crystals as an optional addition for a summer evaporative cooling effect. Simply add crystals evenly to inside of neck ring plus 20 ounces of water and strap around your neck.
  • Instantly absorb wind noise and dust before it reaches the inside of your helmet. Neck ring prevents wind and dust from entering your helmet by acting as a barrier.
  • Opening in neck ring provides 360° vent function wherever you prefer.
  • **Best for use in arid climates, does not work well in high humidity if using for cooling effect.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stephen Grody
Warmth and quiet

I haven't choosen to put silicone beads in for moisture, as I don't want the weight of the water. Makes a huge difference in blocking cold air and air noise.
Velcro on base started ripping off, so I put some fabritack on.

Bill Knight
Best idea ever!

Broke wrist years ago. Now I can ride in much less pain. Love it!

Headwind - Neck Ring

I like the product. It definitely cuts a good bit of the wind-noise. It also feels very comfortable and natural, and do not even know it's on after I get going. Of course, makes you feel hotter on warm / hot days. Though the company offers some cooling option. I haven't used that yet.

My only complaint is the velcro patch stitching gives a sense it'll eventually tear the material / come off. As the material is nice and soft. So, hoping they can maybe strengthen that area up.