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GasTapper Standard

GasTapper Standard

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The GasTapper Standard dry lifts and siphons gas from most UTV's, cars, tractors, and boats! The Standard transfers up to 30 gallons per hour and has a case-mounted replaceable automotive (7-10 PSI) high-lift pump. This unit has (2) 8 foot coils of 3/8" FuelFlex® 65 hose, plus a 6 foot 1/4" line, 12V auto power plug with fuse, LED in-line switch, 15 foot 12V flat power cord and lastly a universal nylon filter. The included fume-proof case measures 9"x 12"x 4" and has a handle as well as a pressure release valve. Please see our video on this listing for help re-coiling the hose back into the case.

Flow rate is under optimal conditions and is purposely low for safety purposes. This product includes a 1-year warranty. The 12V GasTapper Standard is assembled in the USA with US and imported components. The case, power cord, and hose clips are made here in the USA! This product was a 2014 SEMA new products award winner!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cannot be used with 110V AC to DC converters like automotive battery chargers. This unit has a circuit board inside and requires a computer-grade 110V to 12V converter. The motor will make noise but will not pump.

The GasTapper Standard can be used with water only when flushed with kerosene, diesel or mineral spirits after use.

If vehicle access is desired, please order our car access kit to test your vehicle first.

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Customer Reviews

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Used this on my 2000 BMW M Roadster with no problem. Could not be more pleased.*******

Arthur J Wolfram
Superb quality kit.

The quality of this kit is excellent. It is nicely housed in the plastic case; provides good protection; easy to store and to transport.

Thomas Brostrom
Works as Advertised

I used it with a boat there was not enough tubing to get into the tank from the gas cap, hooked to the fuel line but there is a check valve, so had to take apart the gas tank sending unit and shove the pickup directly in the fuel tank. had to move the unit into a new position to have enough hose to get to the back of the tank, hard to tell if we got it all. It pumped as advertised, a nice steady flow filling up the tanks, I'm not sure how easy it would be to get to the bottom of a automobile gas tank with the supplies provided there is not an overabundance of tubing and it is coiled, this would work especially good where there is easier access to the gas tank like a snowmobile or ATV etc. I don't know how I would have done the job with out it.

Jason Debbold

GasTapper Standard

d pace

GasTapper Standard