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Fleece Helmet Cover

Fleece Helmet Cover

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The Headwind fleece helmet cover actually fits over the entire helmet, creating a full seal all the way down to the inside of your jacket if you keep the neck extension lowered. You will not find a warmer solution than this! This cover stops the wind, yet offers breathability helping to reduce fog and allow clean, fresh air in. The fabric is designed to filter out dust making this cover ideal for ATV’s and side by sides. You can’t always be in front and when you're not, eating dust is nasty. This cover solves that problem by blocking the dust from entering the helmet.  

  • Instantly absorb wind and road noise for a more enjoyable ride with our patent-pending helmet cover. Great for longer rides at higher speeds.
  • Avoid eating dust on trail rides with our breathable fabric designed to filter dust from entering the helmet. Better than average neck gaiters because ours covers the entire head, not just up to the nose.
  • Helmet cover provides a soft surface which acts as a muffler, absorbing sound for a quieter ride.
  • The neck extension can be pinned up for breathability during summer rides. On the contrary, leaving the extension down will keep you dramatically warmer in winter by stopping freezing cold air from entering your helmet at high speeds.
  • Stay warmer in cold weather and protect your helmet from scratches and scuffs. Stretchy fleece fabric allows for one size fits all.
  • Please note that depending on your helmet type, the top of your helmet cover may shift upward when riding or using your visor. This is normal because we left room for your visor to go under the cover. The helmet cover is still working properly.
  • Designed for full-face helmets and modular helmets. Your visor will still lift (chin section on modular will not lift when cover is in place).
  • **Not for ADV or dirt bike helmets with a hood.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Extraordinary !!!

This is a fantastic product and the company offers great service.
For the price and the performance there is nothing else... reduces wind noise and provides remarkable insulation from the cold.
I experimented with balaclavas, buffs, woolen mufflers, but nothing works as well as this.
Buy it !!!

martin ceresi
Got Two

Great for reducing noise, helps with winter warmth